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The wood flooring is the undisputed king of the interior flooring. Thanks to him, the house is warmer, more comfortable and looks more luxurious. The floor is suitable for both the ballroom at the lounge, he hardly needed, but always generates a feeling of comfort and warmth. The wooden floor is a long term investment. When you ask, you should keep in mind that this will be a surface on which you will walk 20-30 years, maybe even more. His choice in this regard is crucial especially if you do not want to be embarrassed, angry and comfort reign in the house. And while it is hard to imagine our house in 20 years, it is, right now, with the purchase of floors, apply a few basic criteria that will help us to an inner vision long term.

Parquet multilayer wood, solid or floor?

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Select the correct type of flooring is of paramount importance. There are three main types of flooring, from which you can choose: multilayer, solid and floors. Derived from hardwood floors are art parquet, modules, medallions, borders.

We consider the floor as the most economical option of the family of hardwood floors. This is a long board 2 m wide and 20 cm typically offered fully finished - stained and lacquered. The advantage of this flooring is that it can be installed quickly without the need for special skills. The multilayer and solid wood floors are more expensive than the floors mainly because they are made of high quality wood, specially treated, what they deserve great design and durability.

Parquet solid light oak wood in the elegant lounge

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Solid homogeneous wooden blades have an advantage important- their thickness is 1.5 cm, which allows to sand repeatedly. The parquet boards can be installed in different forms - herringbone, in English, wooden end, etc. Because of their small size, they better hug the curves and corners of the room. In general, the hardwood flooring is sold raw, so we can give it the desired color as soon as it arises for the first time. Solid wood flooring, especially artistic, require a number of additional products and should be placed obligatorily by a specialist.

Floor laminate narrow blades in the contemporary lounge

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Multilayer parquet are made from a number - three or five - wooden layers, placed perpendicularly to each other. The advantage of such a sandwich structure is that it has a high resistance to shocks, fillers, moisture and thermal expansion. The top layer, however, is very thin and allows, at most two sanding. Multilayer floors are available with a factory finish - tinted and varnished by the manufacturer, which gives them a perfect appearance and durability.

What color of wood flooring to choose?

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Important Tip! Do not choose the color of wood flooring from an image. In the photographs there certainly had lighting that changed the color of the wood. Choose the color of floor on site, in the store. It is also good to know that wood is a living organism and over time it changes color - in most cases, it becomes darker. It's good to create color contrasts in the interior. You can make them with the wooden floor. It is considered that the dark floor shrinks visually space. Yes, it's true, but only if the walls are in the same key.

laminate wood flooring wenge, light walls and design chair Eames

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The dark flooring blends perfectly with the white walls and, with them, you realize a dramatic increase in the height of the room. The alternative to expand the space is to let both the walls and the floor clear.

Parquet clear and warm tones to the small living room in the attic

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gray laminate wood flooring that covers the floor in every room

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People often wonder if it is better to different floors in each room. Parquet is an interior element, which should create impression of unity and integrity in the home. For this reason, it is better to opt for the same coating everywhere. However, if you want to create a special atmosphere in an area or room, so then you can use the floor contrasting with the rest.

What a finish - glazed or oiled?

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We perceive the wooden floor as well as by sight through touch - walking, often barefoot. It is therefore important that it is pleasant to the touch. The matte board, visibly soaked with oil, allows us to feel the wood, its roughness and warmth. The varnish on his part, closes the pores of the wood and we feel under our feet cold, smooth and shiny.

Maintenance of vitrified wooden floors and oiled is not identical. We consider that the mat flooring requires less care. The structure of the wood conceals very small scratches and even dust. The update does not require the help of a specialist, simply applying the oil, without sanding. As usual, experts advise to oiling the wooden floor at least once a year.

Dark Walnut Glossy and walls of bare concrete look

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Vitrified flooring, on their part, very well protect wood from outside influences, creating a very good film on its surface. This, however, has its drawbacks - on the painted surface we identify any dust and microscopic scratches. With an average operating varnished parquet serve up to 25 years. It should then sanding and vitrify again by a professional. However, it is better to cool the vitrified flooring every 6-7 years.

Do not forget another detail - the varnished floor reflects light, while the oiled wood floor absorbs. We must consider this detail when choosing lighting.

Sort parquet blades

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Sorting procuratorial blades has an impact on the style of the interior. The grounds, the beautiful texture, deep relief, natural color uniform, give peace and comfort to the ambience. It offers generally three types of sorting: Select, Nature and Rustic, which can be completed subspecies.

• Select is a wooden floorboard in radial section - the surface is cut exactly through the core and the fibers are parallel to each other. It tolerates neither nodes or shades of color.

• Nature is a parquet mixed cuts. Mechanical damage and nodes are not allowed. We tolerate shades of color.

contemporary rustic style furniture with beautiful parquet

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• Rustic flooring is a mixed cuts and a wide range of colors between the floorboards. There are knots and mechanical damage with a depth up to 1.5 mm.

Dimension of the boards

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Choose board sizes depending on the size of the room. Wide boards are not suitable for a small room, they even visually reduce the space. In your choice, observe the principle place wide boards in a large space and have traditional floorboards in the standard room.

Modern bathroom with wooden floors arranged "lost-cut"

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An important condition for the choice of size is ambient moisture. If in your home it is difficult to control the humidity and temperature of the air, if you do not have humidifiers and air conditioners, this means that the wood will react, especially in winter when the air is dry. It is possible that cracks occur, for instance. Note that the long boards react more rapidly to thermal stress by bending and by cracking. For parts at risk, it is better to choose the standard wooden floors.

Contemporary living room with laminate wood flooring

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wooden floor in white lounge

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wooden chair in the living room and cyclamen

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Light hardwood floors

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weathered hardwood floors in the living room

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